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Volleyball shoes and volleyball shoes are an important part of your volleyball gear

First things first there are a lot of different types of volleyball shoes

There are black volleyball shoes which I\’m showing you right now
black volleyball shoes are the most popular shoe, now notice on the bottom the reason why they\’re called a volleyball shoes. Because this type of bottom that they have a specialized bottom that helps you grip the court floor and not leave any marks.

Volleyball shoes and running shoes are very very different

I highly suggest you come into a store or a sports store and try these shoes on before you order them.

Can I wear my volleyball shoes outside?

It is it recommended that you went outside because these are made from gum rubber and they\’re specialized for indoors so if you\’re gonna play volleyball outside just use a regular tennis shoe that way you do not mess up these expensive shoes.
Also, make sure you talk to your coach about the colors to get first also wait until you get on to a volleyball team that is serious before you buy volleyball shoes or if you plan on taking volleyball serious because these are expensive shoes. black volleyball shoes are gonna take some time to break in.
A popular way to wear your volleyball shoes is to also have them with high socks.

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