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When choosing shoes for jazz dance class, it should be understood for what purpose shoes are being purchased at the moment (for socks in the office, for everyday wear, for short-term socks – model, work, for walking, for sports, for dancing, etc.).

 Since the footwear has seasonal wear, it is necessary to consider what material you need shoes (natural leather, artificial leather, synthetic materials, textile materials, combined materials, etc.), since the shoes bought should be used for their intended purpose.

The rules for choosing shoes for jazz dance class when fitting and buying

– Try on shoes for jazz dance class better in the middle or late afternoon, when your legs are not too swollen;
– trying on shoes, walk around it in the shop floor, in order to make sure and make sure that you feel comfortable and comfortable in it;
– Do not buy shoes for jazz dance class, in which the foot is bound, compressed, i.e. shoes press, do not need to hope that it is carried quickly;
– most people have one leg more than the other, try on shoes for jazz dance class on the larger foot;
– when you are trying to fit, before the longest toe of the foot (in front of the shoe), there should be about one centimeter of free space;
– Choose shoes for jazz dance class that best match the shape of your foot as much as possible,
 those. taking into account the individual characteristics of the foot;
In addition: when choosing shoes, take into account the height and shape of the heel.

A few tips for choosing and buying shoes for jazz dance class

– To properly choose the shoes for jazz dance class that fit your foot, you need to stand at home on a sheet of thick paper, trail the contour of the feet (left and right) and cut the traces, with the selection of shoes, put the carved footprints inside the shoes that must enter the shoes without bends at the edges and folds in any places;
– if the foot has a non-standard shape, you should choose shoes with rubber-elastic inserts-stretch marks and with cuts at the top of the shoes from the toe;

Recommendations for choosing shoes for jazz dance class according to their qualitative condition

When inspecting shoes for jazz dance class, it should not have obvious (visible) flaws:
– to have a firm fastening of the sole and strength of the fillet welds;
– do not have rough folds on the insole and protruding supporters;
– the correct location of the heels relative to the symmetry axis of the heel part, etc.

Warranty obligations

Warranty periods for shoes for jazz dance class are set by manufacturers or sellers, depending on the material of the top and the soles of 30 to 150 days. Terms are calculated from the date of sale through the retail network or the start of the relevant season:
winter season from November 15 to March 15
spring season from March 15 to 01 Maya
summer season from May 1 to September 1
autumn season from September 1 to November 15.
In accordance with the law On the protection of consumers rights shoes can be returned to the store within 14 days if the shoes were not in use, while maintaining the packaging box.
When identifying hidden shortcomings, the consumer is presented with a statement to the seller specifying specific defects. Further procedure for resolving the issue in accordance with the specified law.

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